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A little About the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sedan

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was the first small series production sedan Alfa built. It was preceded by the 1900 and 2000 sedans, which were much larger cars. The 750 series was built from 1955-1960, total production about 56,500 cars. Of these, 28,600 were Berlinas and 27,900 were TIs. Along with the rest of the Giulietta line (Sedan, Sprint, Spider, Sprint Special, Sprint Zagato, the Sedans morphed into the 101 series in a transition period around 1959. 101 cars were built from 1959-1964, total production about 79,000 car. Of these, 11,000 were Berlinas, 67,200 LHD Tis, and 1,000 RHD TI

The Giulietta Berlina/TI overall accounted for about 136,000 cars, almost three quarters of 750/101 Giulietta series production, yet they are now amongst the rarest. The Berlina was introduced in 1955, a year after the Giulietta Sprint, the first Giulietta. Competitively-priced, the Berlina offered four seats, four doors, four speeds, and lively performance compared to existing family saloons. Berlinas had column shift and a single-throat carburetor, giving about 61 HP. The sportier TI version offered uprated performance (75 HP) on a budget (floor shift, dual-throat carburetor, dual exhaust, more instruments), attracting attention from not only the general public but also Italian government, who put large numbers to use as everything from diplomatic transport to police cars. In 1960, Alfa Romeo started producing the TI in RHD in South Africa . In all, almost 19,000 were built there until 1963.