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Dimensions, Fluids and Capacities

The Berlina chassis dimensions are: wheelbase 101.1 in., front track 52.1 in., rear track 50.1 in., overall length 172.7 in. (though 1974 rubber-bumper cars must be longer), overall width 61.6 in., maximum height 56.3 in (1969), 53.8 (1974). The Berlina is the longest of the 105/115 series cars. The comparable wheelbases of the other models are: GTV 92.5 in., Spider Veloce 88.6 in., and Montreal 92.5 in.

The listed curb weight of the Berlina in the owner's manual varies from 2442 lbs. for the 1969 US 1750 model to 2590 lbs. for the 1974 US 2000 model with impact-absorbing bumpers. Road & Track magazine measured 2484 lbs. as curb weight for a 1971 US-spec. 1750 in May 1972.

Berlina fluid capacities are: engine coolant, 2.5 gallons, engine oil, 7.8 quarts; 4.8 quarts is the minimum for safe operation. Transmission capacity is 3.8 pints, differential 3.0 pints, and steering box about 0.7 pints. The fuel tank capacity is 12 US gallons, with the fuel tank reserve of about 1.6 gallons included within that amount. Apparently, 1973 2000 models only had a 14.8 gallon tank, at least in the US. The fuel octane requirement (RON) is 91.

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