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THE SUBMISSION PROCESS FOR THIS FORM IS NOT CURRENTLY WORKING. Please just mail or email me the relevant Berlina information, including that you can paste this whole form into word processing and print it out. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. I'll fix it eventually. Email andrew@berlinaregister.com

If you own an Alfa Romeo 1750 or 2000 Berlina (1967-1976), please join the Berlina Register. The Register is an informal list and clearinghouse of information and documentation on Berlinas, operated by Andrew Watry. I maintain a database of existing Berlinas worldwide, based on completed application forms submitted (see below), and publish a Berlina Register newsletter several times a year. There is no cost to join, but nominal donations and postage stamps are appreciated to keep this shoe-string operation going. For more information, contact Andrew Watry at 1284 Monterey Ave., Berkeley, CA, 94707 USA (510) 526-0391; email: andrew@berlinaregister.com .

Berlina Register Membership Application

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